Please review the resources and required forms below. Please email or call 614-268-9930 with any questions.

  • Welcome to Forfar Guide

    • A great resource to learn the latest practices and policies at the station.

  • Planning Timeline

    • A consolidated timeline with the whole trip process presented at a glance.

  • Tips for Booking Group Flights

    • All flights into Nassau must arrive before 1:00 pm and all departing flights from Nassau should leave anytime after 12:00 pm. We book your round-trip flights from Nassau-Andros (included in trip cost) so these flight times will ensure you can make the connecting flights. Note: we no longer run charter flights out of Fort Lauderdale.

    • You can go on a Tour of Nassau Historical Sites if you have a long layover on your departure. Contact our office to schedule.

Group Leader Information

Required Group Leader Forms

  • Paperwork Checklist

  • Group Leader Agreement 

    • Due with the $200 Trip Hold Deposit to secure dates.

  • Group Roster 

    • Due 3 months prior to your trip.

  • Group Data Sheet

    • Due 1 month prior to your trip.

  • Participant Registration Forms

    • Due 1 month prior to your trip. These forms must be completed by all participants including group leaders and chaperones. Our office will email a Google Document link showing which participants have submitted online forms. Please be sure to scan and email all notarized Medical Consent forms and any diving forms (if applicable) to our office.