Tips for Booking Group Flights


Purchasing group flights can be a difficult and often unfamiliar process. This post will guide you through our suggested steps for arranging a group flight at a good price and with minimal frustration.

Please keep in mind that flights should arrive in Nassau no later than 1:00 pm and should depart from Nassau after 12:00 pm. Arriving and departing at these times will provide you with enough time to go through immigration and customs, check/pick up your bags, and catch your flight between Nassau and Andros.

Getting Started

We suggest that group leaders start their search for flights with Google Flights. This search engine shows information from several different airlines. You won’t be able to use this tool for booking group flights but it can give you a good idea of a  "baseline" price for 1 passenger and the different routes you can take to your destination. This step will be useful for creating a budget for potential students and for finding airlines that service the route you’re interested in.

Utilizing your Resources

Many schools and universities have an agreement with an outside travel agency and some may even employ in-house travel planners. If these services are provided for your organization we recommend this as your #1 option.

Working Directly with an Airline


If your organization doesn’t provide travel planning services we suggest that you work directly with an airline provider. Once you find a potential flight through Google Flights you can contact the airline directly for group rates (usually starting at 10 or more tickets). Most airlines have created specific departments for this and you can find airline specific information below.

Contact a Travel Agent

Travel agencies are able to offer group rates, bookings, and assistance (should flights get canceled, delayed or missed), but they usually charge an additional per person fee.

Some of our groups have worked with Uniglobe Travel Designers in the past. Our current contact at Uniglobe Travel Designers is Deb Maloney. She is a Corporate Travel Consultant and can be reached by email at or by phone at 614-237-4488 Ext. 589. Other travel agents can be found locally or through a quick Google search.

If you’re still having trouble finding a flight with the provided information, please contact our office. We are happy to look into flight options for your group and provide additional assistance.