Welcome! We are thrilled to reconnect with past students, staff, group leaders, and anyone else who participated in trips with International Field Studies in the last 50 years (1970-2020). Whether it was a trip to Forfar Field Station, a sailing adventure, or a continental trip we’re looking to stay in touch as we celebrate 50 years of experiential education!

With non-electronic records from the early years and many files lost over time, our records and contact information of past students, group leaders and participates is very sparse. Join our Alumni Database to stay updated with the latest news, employment opportunities, alumni events, and more!

To celebrate our 50th Anniversary in 2020, we are hosting several events to reconnect with alumni and celebrate our history together. We’re offering a chance for any past participants to visit Forfar Field Station again during our Alumni Weeks, hosting an evening fundraiser in Ohio, organizing a potluck, and even offering a cruise!

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Check out our new Forfar Marine Science Program! Students ages 18-23 who want to gain experience in the field of marine science have the chance to spend 6-weeks living at Forfar Field Station learning to SCUBA dive, get certified in sea kayaking, studying marine and island ecology, and other outdoor certifications.