Coral Restoration in the Bahamas


As you may or may not know, Forfar Field Station has a coral propagation site that has been in existence since June 2015. The coral line nursery (as shown above) is growing 80 to 90 fragments of Staghorn, Elkhorn and Fused Staghorn species. The largest pieces are 30cm! 

Unfortunately, there was some hurricane damage on the line nursery. The deepest line was snapped, causing some fragment bleaching and death. The line was successfully retied in early February, but must be replaced to fully secure the future growth of the coral species on this line.   
 Otherwise, we are excited about the positive results from the coral propagation and restoration efforts so far in the Bahamas.  IFS will continue to partner and assist with the ongoing efforts.  There is hope yet that we can restore, protect, and reverse the decline of our beloved coral reefs.

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