Hurricane Matthew Havoc

Category 4 storm Hurricane Matthew pounded the Bahamas on Thursday, October 6 with storm surges as high as 15-20 feet. 

With wind speeds as fast as 130 mph, roofs were ripped from buildings and many homes were flattened on the north end of Andros.  Lowe Sound lost nearly 90% of their homes with one fatality.  Additionally, more than 700 power lines are down, adding to the estimated cost of repair damage in the Bahamas which is said to be close to $400 million, according to The Nassau Guardian. International Field Studies, Inc, along with many other local businesses, have been effected by the storm. 

Forfar Field Station sustained some significant damage.  We lost the roof from our storage area, shingles from our office trailer, workshop and dive shop.  We had over 50 trees that came down on our property.  Water was finally restored after 12 days and the power is still off at Forfar but has been restored to Stafford Creek and Blanket Sound. Our maintance crew (Cardo, Allan, Randall, and Franklin) along with some community help (Ashton, Jackson, Cordell, and Rico) have done a fantastic job of clearning away the downed trees and vegetation.  We were fortunate that we didn't have any major structrual damage to the buildings but it left us weeks behind schedule.  Androsians are resilient and our local staff are doing well.  

We are asking for monetary donations in order to  get Forfar Field Station back up and running for our incoming November groups. With a functioning station, we will be able to provide even more help to the surrounding community.