Coral Restoration in the Bahamas

In an intense 9 day workshop held at the Cape Eleuthera Institute in August, IFS was represented by one of our Forfar Interns, Ahmed Mendez.  The workshop was titled, “Reversing The Decline of Bahamian Coral Reefs: 1st Coral Workshop 2016” and was led by the Perry Institute for Marine Science and the Bahamas National Trust.    
Using reef restoration methods developed by SECORE, the participants collected coral spawn and fertilized thousands of Acropora palmata eggs, and got larvae to settle from at least two brooding coral species – Undaria agaricites and Favia fragum. Additionally, AGRRA (Atlantic and Gulf Rapid Reef Assessment) training and surveys were performed around the South Eleuthera reef.  We are excited about the positive results from the coral propagation and restoration efforts so far in the Bahamas.  IFS will continue to partner and assist with the ongoing efforts.  There is hope yet that we can restore, protect, and reverse the decline of our beloved coral reefs.