Where are they now? A Spotlight on our Previous Interns: Jade Reinhart!

Every so often, we like to look back at our interns and see how they’re doing after they’ve left Forfar. Today we’ll be following up on Jade Reinhart!

Jade Reinhart

Jade worked at Forfar during our 2017-2018 season. Her hobbies include fitness, longboarding, and volunteer bird banding. She followed her love of marine science after leaving Forfar, and now she lives at Jekyll Island in Georgia working as a Coastal Educator for the University of Georgia.

“I teach a variety of classes in the field,” Jade told us, “but some of my favorites are Maritime Forest Ecology, Herpetology, Beach Ecology, and Environmental Issues! I also have other duties such as animal husbandry, programming, managing, and maintenance - but teaching students how to be conservation stewards is the most rewarding part of my job.”

Previous Intern Jade

Jade says that her time at Forfar got her interested in conservation non-profit management. She hopes to study this in grad school and eventually make it her career. Conservation is a huge part of what we do at Forfar, and we’re so glad we could introduce Jade to this topic!

Jade’s time at Forfar helped her develop different skills that she still uses today. Her work with seagrass and our coral propagation site (which you can read more about here) helped improve her dive skills. She also honed her flexibility and problem solving skills as she led students on field excursions throughout the island. These skills help her teach students about the importance of conservation.

Forfar has left a big impression on Jade. Ever since coming back to the United States, she’s been living a more sustainable lifestyle and encouraging others to do the same. She told us, “I am implementing several sustainable alternatives at my current job - all which I learned at Forfar!”

Enjoy teaching the next generation of marine scientists, Jade!