Where are they now? A Spotlight on our Previous Interns: Erin McGrady!

Today we’re taking the time to reflect on a previous intern, Erin McGrady!

Erin McGrady

Erin worked at Forfar from December 2001 to Spring 2003. At Forfar, she developed a love of teaching that carried on after she left Andros Island.

“I had no idea what I wanted to do when I arrived (at Forfar) but by the time I left, I felt called to teaching,” Erin told us. “After my internship, I went back to school to get my Masters and then taught middle school Physical Education for ten years. I'm no longer teaching but the adventure/eco-tourism aspect is still a big part of my life as a freelance writer and photographer living in a van.” We’re glad that Forfar spurred her interest in education.


Erin says her time at Forfar gave her professional experience she used in her teaching career afterwards. Forfar taught her how to think on the fly, develop public speaking skills, working with many different people, and more. Erin also created connections to people on Forfar that still last to this day. She told us that the friendships she made were her favorite thing about her internship.

Erin has worked as a middle school PE teacher, a website designer, and a coach after she left Forfar. She still clearly loves adventuring, as she is currently traveling the country in a van with her wife. They run a blog about their adventures and are based out of Asheville, North Carolina. Their blog discusses Asheville and what to do, see, and play there. They also write about the National Parks, which Erin calls “some of our favorite playgrounds.” Right now, Erin and her wife are finishing up an assignment as Nation’s Vacation Ambassadors for Aramak.


In her free time, Erin likes to surf, stand-up paddleboard, ride bikes, and trail run. She also enjoys finding new ramen restaurants and cool murals, and trying to find the perfect IPA.

We wish Erin many happy trails as she explores the United States! Have fun!