2015 Highlights from Forfar Field Station

We had a great year on Andros creating “the magic” that is Forfar:  sharing our love for science with groups new and old ranging from 6th graders up through graduate students.

We also hosted a greater number of researchers from the scientific community than in recent years and we are excited to expand that number in 2016.   For example, one of our greatest highlights of 2015 has been our involvement in the installation and care of a 100-piece coral propagation project in 40ft of water off of Pigeon Cay. The project is in association with Dr. Craig Dahlgren and Bahamas National Trust (BNT). It delights us to visit the fragments, track their growth, and keep them clean. With hope, we’ll be transplanting pieces back to the reef in late 2016. A couple of our staff spent several nights camped out in the Joulter Cays tagging and releasing Piping Plovers with the Audubon Society and BNT. Some Clark Montessori students experienced an extra bit of enchantment when they sailed aboard the s/v Flying Dragon, a very real pirate ship owned and operated by Capt. “Topsail” Bill.

We successfully completed year one of the BNT Navigator’s program with high school students from Central and North Andros High. We are currently moving along with year two of the curriculum. BNT is just one of several Bahamian organizations Forfar assists in their mission of educating Bahamians about their own environment.

Year after year, Andros continues to “WOW” us with her beauty, on land and in the water and we look forward to sharing that magic with you in 2016!